Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, we invite 20 young regionbuilders to an annual in-depth week-long workshop.

The strategic and associated partners of the BSYP meet to discuss the development and initiated new common projects.

BSYP Partner Meetings

Baltic Sea Youth Camp

In connection with EUSBSR Annual Forum a three-days seminar is held to educate young people on how to impact the Strategy and its implementation.

CBSS Youth Ministerial 

Back-to-back with the CBSS meeting of the Foreign Ministers, we are organising a youth event to have young people engaged on all levels in our region. 

Steering Group Meetings

Our Steering Group composed of all Working Group leaders and strategic partners meets at least twice per year to discuss the Action Plan and strategic direction of the BSYP. 

Past events

Baltic Sea

Youth Camp 2020

Online meeting

The virtual version of the Baltic Sea Youth Camp (BSYC) was held on 12.-13.06.2020.

The webinar included interesting new information on the Baltic Sea Region, lectures on the EUSBSR, various interactive sessions and socialising events.

All information is available on our BSYC 2020 section you can also read a summary of the event here.