In our Power Box Working Group you get the chance to work with various toolkits and guidelines already published by other organisations, such as the UN and EU. We will make them fit our regional context and see what kinds of guidelines and collaboration tools are still missing. 

We will also work on establishing a mentorship program for intergenerational learning in our region. 


We know there are already many guidelines and toolkits to be used by youth organisations out there. Yet, we would like to develop a concept that makes it easier for organisations to find the fitting documents. 

One of the aims of the Baltic Sea Youth Platform is to enhance knowledge transfer. Knowledge that has already been acquired by one generation should be transferred to others, so that they can start to build on it. 

One way to transfer knowledge between generations is to create mentorship programs. We will work on such a programme in our region. 

We will read through several exisiting guidelines and toolkits and see what kind of documents are missing. We will get in touch with youth organisations and check if there is a need for any kind of document and we will adapt the exisiting once to fit the regional context.
Furthermore, we will wor on other structures to improve knowledge transfer within and between organisations, as well as between generations.  

You can reach out to this group and suggest topics you would need to have guidelines for. We are glad to cooperate with as many (small or big) partners who are on the same path as we are: enhance real youth participation!