Culture and Cities 


In our Culture and Cities Working Group you get the chance to work within your local community while being connected to a broader network and supported by our experts in the field of culture. 

Our aim is to create local activites attractive for younger people in connection with culture. All kinds of cultural events can be executed and the ultimate goal is to organise the Baltic Sea Crocodile Festival. An idea that came up during our first Baltic Sea Youth Camp. 


We know that there is a huge interest of young people in culture. Yet it seems to be difficult to attract younger audience to several cultural events. We would like to connect young people and the culture industry of the various cities around the Baltic Sea. Through exchanging ideas and views new projects and events, as well as any kind of activities will be created. 

We will work with experts in the field of culture. For example museums, musicians, concert halls, exhibition halls, libraries and many others and find ways how young people can play a bigger role in their daily activities. The aim is to create an equal exchange of thougths and achieve youth-mainstreaming in all their activities implemented by young people. 

You can reach out to our Working Group and ask for input how to get young people involved in all kinds of activities. 

We will work with the Agenda 2030 as a framework and hence, have the possibility to consult various cultural actors in how to create a sustainable cultural events. 

Find the Concept Note of our Baltic Sea Crocodile Festival here

In case you want to help us implementing this idea, contact us at any point.