In our Communication Working Group you get the chance to show your creative side. 

Our aim is to promote the Baltic Sea Youth Platform and to communicate with potential new partners. We are the ones creating social media campaigns and keeping everyone updated on the latest developments of the platform. We will produce videos of events and make sure everyone and everything is available. 
This can also mean that we will translate things into several languages. 


We know that young people in our region are doing great things, but unfortunately many of these activities are not well presented and visible. We want to improve the communication of events, the promotion of activities and the overall visibility of young people in our region. And of course we also want to promote the Baltic Sea Youth Platform by creating various campaigns, videos and activities to spread the word. 

We will work with all kinds of design and video software. As well as our social media channels and looking at social media channels of related projects and associated partners. 

Making young peoples voices heard and seen throughout the region and beyond is our aim.  

We will also look into different ways of translation and interpretation. 

You can reach out to our Working Group and let us know what kind of activities should be promoted through our platform. 

We are glad to help with translation and interpretation of various kinds.