In our Advocacy Working Group you get the chance to work with all spheres of politics. We will check for current policies that should me amended, we will write policy recommendations and we will talk to decision-makers. 

You will be the ambassadors of the Baltic Sea Youth Platform. Therefore, we will prepare you in how to talk to decision-makers and we together we will think about what needs to change in our region to make

youth participation a reality. 


We know there are a lot of great ideas, new approaches and demands from young people in our region. Yet, we need to make them visible. We need to talk to politicans, decision-makers in political organisations and we need to inform the general public about our endeavours. The Advocacy group is a great way to promote all kinds of youth-led actions and make them even more visible. We will compile policy recommendations in areas young people must raise their voices, amplify the voices of those who have important things to say but little opportunity to speak up. We will make them heard by those who can accelerate change. 

We will attend various events and promote the BSYP in all corners of the Baltic Sea Region. 
We will check for topics that are relevant and produce policy recommendations to ensure we are a constructive part of decision-making in the region. You will learn how to communicate in the political sphere and improve your skills in public speaking and political writing. 

You can reach out to this group and suggest new topics to work on. We are glad to cooperate with as many (small or big) partners who are on the same path as we are: enhance real youth participation!